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I'm Juan! And I am here to help you achieve your goal of creating a new and exciting game or interactive app. Unity is my hammer and C# my paint brush.

The first step is to reach out to me. So, we can sit down over a talk, and write a feature list of what would be the first prototype of your great concept. I always focus first on the core features so we can reach as fast as possible the moment when we all say "It's working!". Of course, my agile process will make sure we improve and iterate until the quality is over the desired level, while allowing you and me to remain flexible during development.

Juan Garcia.

Game & Software Developer.

Wait no more! Let's get this started...

Service Includes

Creative Design

Design to keep the game attractive for players and keep them engaged


Stunning graphics that will run on your required device.


Efficient programming to make the game function the best it can


Monetize your new game to start making you revenue


Submit your brand new game to your required store


Fixing and giving feedback to improve your existing project

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